Reporting incidents on social media

If your child is experiencing abuse or unwanted contact online, there are a number of in-platform controls available to help manage the situation.

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Written by Cyber Expert:

Taryn Wren

ICT Teacher

Last modified Jan 18, 2022

Reporting to have embarrassing, inappropriate, or hurtful posts or comments removed from social media as soon as possible, is essential. Reporting to the platform is generally the first step but if you have ongoing concerns, or if the incident is serious (such as severe cyberbullying, image-based abuse, or involving child exploitation material), consider reporting it to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner (Australia) or Netsafe (New Zealand). In some cases, it may also be appropriate to seek assistance from your child's school or local law enforcement.


TikTok allows users to report people for cyberbullying, impersonation and sharing inappropriate or illegal content. Users are able to block people from interacting with them through the platform and delete unwanted comments. Privacy controls can also be used to restrict who can view, comment, and duet a user’s posts.

Report content on TikTok


Instagram has a range of tools available to help users manage cyberbullying and other forms of unwanted contact or abuse. If your child is the target of unwanted contact on Instagram, try looking through the management tools available together, and discussing which management option your child is most comfortable with.

Report content on Instagram


Snapchat allows users to report abuse, including harassment, bullying or any other safety concerns. Every report is reviewed by someone at Snapchat, usually within 24 hours.

Report content on Snapchat


Facebook allows users to report comments, people, groups, advertisements, and more. Facebook will review and take action where an item breaches the platform’s community guidelines. A user can also block certain people from interacting with, or viewing their page or content.

Report content on Facebook


YouTube allows users to report inappropriate content, problematic search predictions, abuse, or other content that breaches their community guidelines. YouTube does not allow users to make comments on videos featuring children.

Report content on YouTube

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